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Our main goal is for our clients to have the most fun while falling in love with Portugal. We achieve this by providing unique and carefully prepared itineraries. The information and amazing experiences that your guide will share with you will enable you to take the most out of every place you visit and, most importantly, at an enjoyable and relaxed pace. Our flexibility and adaptability enables us to put together a perfect balance of fun, interesting moments, additional activities and the opportunity to relax whilst enjoying natural and historical highlights. This unique approach is adapted to every group’s preferences.

Even in the most touristic areas we make sure we include off-the-beaten-path experiences that make our tours more exciting and genuine.

Why book with us?

Private Tours.

All our tours are private because we feel this is the only way to fully enjoy and appreciate the places you’ll visit. In this way your driver/guide can truly adapt the tour itinerary to suit your preferences and make sure you end up loving Portugal as much as we do.

No Time Limit.

We believe that no time pressures or limits are key components to making a great tour. Your tour can finish either at 5:30 or 7:30pm depending on your pace. Your guide will nevertheless advise you on how to best manage your time throughout the day to make sure it’s used as efficiently as possible.

Top Guides.

Our drivers/guides will make sure you get the most out of your tour, sharing interesting facts, stories and different perspectives at every place that you’ll visit. They’ll also help you avoid crowds and tourist traps.

Meet the Team


António d’Orey

Co-founder and Tour Guide/Driver

My brother José and I started our tour business together and I’ve been a tour guide ever since. The pleasure I get from passing on my knowledge and understanding of Portugal, its identity and uniqueness, is something that has become a real passion for me and has led me to want to learn more and more.
I have a Master’s Degree in Physical Geography and a love for ecology and history. I’m also passionate about sports, especially surfing and spearfishing.

José DOrey

José Maria d’Orey

Co-founder/ Back-office Manager

Since I started this company with my brother António I’ve been responsible for the back-office. I’ll be the one communicating with you and making sure you get exactly what you’re looking for from our company.
I’ll make sure your booking experience is fast and efficient and provide you with the detailed information you require, as well as the various options available to best suit your interests.
I’m always exploring new options to make sure our tours are more fun and interesting and I’m in constant contact with our guides.
I love travelling and sports, especially golf and surfing.

Guilherme Tour Guide

Guilherme Cornélio da Silva

Tour Guide/ Driver

I’m a Biologist who’s passionate about history. José and António, knowing that I speak three languages and I’m a Portuguese history enthusiast, invited me to work with them several years ago as a tour guide. It’s a job that I genuinely love. I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and having a nice relaxed day with them, sharing our experiences and views of the world and especially Portugal. It’s given me the opportunity to share my passions while meeting people from all over the world.
During my free time I like to read, surf and enjoy time with my friends.

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